Friday, September 18, 2009

Crocodile Creek Plastic Placemats

Crocodile Creek Plastic Kids Placemats - Dinosaur

These placemats are GREAT! For months I was using our cloth placemats for my son and having to wash them every day or so which caused incredible wear and tear. I found this really great website, Chocolate Cake Club, and saw these placemats.

They were only $4 each and wipe clean in seconds! They are oversized a bit so your child has plenty of room to eat and make a mess without hitting tabletop! The designs, and there are many of them, keep my son very busy in between bites. The colors are vibrant and all placemats are made of polypropylene and are PVC free! I found quite a few other items on their website as well. Great new find!

Click on image for purchase option.

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